Caring is Squaring
Pengsquare is not a platform! This is a decentral app to share content with the world, appreciate the works of others and show appreciation by buying, swaping or simply squaring! Squaring? Yes, we don't support likes, but squares - a square is pretty much a 'like' but it comes with a frw lamports worth of a donation to the profile.
Powered by Solana
This app is built on top of Solana. Essentially, it is a set of technical protocols, on-chain programs and this very UI. However, without the power of the Solana chain, processing as this app does it, would be impossible!
An App for dContent
The world of web3 is going to be decentral, no question! We believe, that content and content distribution will also be. Pengsquare is built to help you explore, enjoy and define this new world!